OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS at the Amalfi coast and Capri  (nur in Englisch)

Amalfi coast view from the restaurant La Pirata
If we like a restaurant it is not only for its good food - prepared with fresh ingredients - it's the combination of the quality of dishes but as much the friendliness of the waiter or owner and very importantly - a beautiful setting. So don't expect 3 star sophisticated meals when you follow the recommendation of one of our favorite restaurants. There are also high profile restaurants at the Amalfi coast, you find them in a guide.

We personally like Italian and especially local dishes like fish, good pasta, fresh vegetables and wonderful tasty Mozzarella, which is produced only a few kilometers away. Fresh Mozzarella -this means delivered that morning - has a taste which is not comparable to what ever you get in best shops outside the area around Napels. Its marvelous! We prefer the mozzarella fior di latte - not the more famous mozzarella di buffalo. The mozzarella "fior di latte" is produced a few miles away in Agerola, up in the Lattari mountains - the mountains of milk.

We describe here our favorites for a dinner combined with a boat ride, in Marina di Praia which is in walking distance from the villa, in Praiano, Amalfi, Atrani, Furore, Positano and Capri.
I have added also a selection of coastal restaurants for lunch as we often rent a boat and roam along the coast.
Beside our favorites there are many other restaurants along the Amalfi coast and among them there are definitely other gems we did not find so far. The overall quality of restaurants in this area is good, therefore you don't run a risk if you try other ones not mentioned here. It is therefore worthwhile to go out on your own discovery tour! I appreciate your feedback.
Attention, many of our favorite restaurants don't accept credit cards! They want to get real money! Language is no problem, English is commonly understood.
Normally service is included in the bill, therefore a tip is depending on your satisfaction with the service. In some restaurants you find on your bill a position coperto, which is charged for each person. This is for bread and cover.
Amalfi coast Boat ride to the restaurant Le Sirenuse


Two seaside restaurants can be reached by boat which picks you up at the platform below the villa – if waves allow it – or in nearby Marina di Praia. The boat takes you along the coast, you see the sunset, you will have romantic dinner and then at go back at night. Seeing the lights of the houses along the coast is an unforgettable experience. Both restaurants we recommend are open from April to mid October, depending on the weather.

Restaurant Le Sirenuse

Our favorite is the family run restaurant Le Sirene. It is close to Positano – the boat ride there takes about 20 minutes. In the evening the deckchairs at the gravel beach are replaced with a few tables very close to the ocean. Make sure you get a table at the beach. You will feel a bid like in the South Sea. Food is excellent but you have limited choice and if you want anything else than fish as a main course you must call them latest at lunch time, then you will buy it for you. They charge for the boat trip but only a very reasonable amount. Tel. 089 875 490.
View from restaurant La Gavitella

Another restaurant is La Gavitella: It is a bid closer (15 minute boat ride), it is a good, but pricey (mainly fish) restaurant with a fantastic view to Positano and the coast as far as Capri. Fish is excellent there, as one of the owners is the owner of the fish shop at the crossing before Amalfi. As a desert you should try the special gelato – ice cream. Nuts, peaches, pears and other fruits are hallowed out, the gelato is prepared with the "meat" of the fruits, then the gelato is filled into the paring and frozen. Tel. 089 8131319. Open all days. The boat trip should be included in the price for the meal, but better confirm.
Marina di Praia

This wild romantic, beautiful narrow valley with palms is close to the Villa la Madonnina. It takes only 10 minutes to walk there, but you also can go by car and park close to the beach.
There are several restaurants, which are all special because of their settings. Most of them are run by families. It is quite difficult to make a fair recommendation as all have their merits. Food is good in all of them. Some are in fantastic setting difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Some are open the whole year long. Therefore let me describe some characteristics to enable you to make your choice.
View from restaurant La Pirata

Our number one choice here is the restaurant Il Pirata (the pirate). From there you have a spectacular view down the coast.You also see the Villa la Madonnina and can see if you are at home (don't be confused this is typical Austrian/Tyrolean humor). We very much like to sit in there and watch the last rays of sun vanishing at the top of the mountains, later it gets darker, you see the lights from the few houses along the coast and at the end enjoy the 15 minute walk home (5 minutes more as you are heavier after the meal an you walk uphill). For reservation call: Tel. 089 874377. We prefer the table in the corner of the terrace just above the ocean which you see on the photo. Il Pirata is closed starting from mid April to end of October.

Up the hill also with a great view is the restaurant of the hotel Onda Verde which also serves very good food. Another advantage is that it is open all year. Tel. 089 874143. You reach both restaurants by following the path on the right side of the bay looking towards the sea.
Restaurant Trattoria da Armadino

Directly in the bay you find the Tattoria da Armadino. The restaurant is built into the rock. It looks a bid basic and it is quite small but food is very good and the owner Armadino is very friendly. You sit outside. Its on right side of the valley (looking to the sea). Tel: 089 874 087. Closed in winter. You get a free boat ride from the villa starting at the platform down at the sea to the restaurant by calling a the water taxi from La Sibilla - provided you eat there. Tel. 089 874365 or 334 3078344. The owner of la Sibilla is the son of Armadino.
Restaurant La Conchilia

The restaurant Alfonso a Mare is situated directly in the bay, has also a nice view and it is the only restaurant in Marina di Praia which serves - beside local specialties - pizza. Tel. 089 874091. They have also a nice web site www.alfonsoamare.it where you can read the history of the house and see typical dishes they offer. It is open throughout the year.

The Trattoria La Conchilia has two advantages: its open all the year and when you can sit outside you have a the view from the three tables on the veranda. See the picture which was taken in January. (its not us, it was a nice Swedish couple, who had already taken "our" table. My wife Julia likes especially the spaghetti alle vongole there. You find it on the left side of the valley at the end of the parking area. Tel. 089 874313.

La Brace: A restaurant with a fabulous view down the coast. Try to get a window table. The view from there is stupendous. On clear days you see the whole coastline till Positano and in more distance the Isle of Capri with the Faraglione islands. We have spent some evenings there where the incredible sunset took away all our attention from the food. We enjoyed being there in all seasons. In winter when its dark in the evening you see the lights from Positano. The owner is Giovanni who runs this place. Fish is good, it is bought directly from the fisherman in nearby Marina di Praia. Try "antipasti misti" which gives you a bit from everything. Pizza is also very good here! And those who like chicken get it here too. Service has its ups and downs.
Address: Main street in Praiano or more precise in Vettico Maiore which is the part of the town which starts after the 3rd tunnel. Its on the right side, the parking lot is on the left. Its open all the year, every day, with the exception of a few weeks in January and February. Tel. 089 874226.
Amalfi coast Lido Azurro


Lido Azurro:
Very nice position in the harbor of Amalfi with a great view to Amalfi. They serve very good, -especially- seafood. Make a reservation if you want to get a table in the first row, close to the water. Tel. 089 871384. You reach it by walking along the harbor, it is on the left side of the road.

Amalfi Restaurant Trattoria Da Barracca
Trattoria Casalinga da Barracca:
Already the first time we went dining in Amalfi we discovered this restaurant in the Piazza dei Dogi in Amalfi. Its situated off the main street but very close to the Piazza del Duomo on a nice small piazza which has still the unspoiled charm of a typical old Italian square. It is small but it has a vegetable shop, a cloth shop, a hardware shop, a bar, restuarant and a tiny shop where we bought some small paintings as the owner is also a painter.
The restaurant is owned by the Amandola family. One brother is in the kitchen, Antonio and the next generation of Amandolas Mario, Luigi,… do the service. Bartolo lures the people passing by into the restaurant. He invented the “breathing” restaurant: in summer at the beginning of the evening there are only two rows of tables outside on the piazza. As soon they are full the plants in the front of the tables are moved a bit further and new tables are brought from inside. This continues till no tables are available to be brought out and then the restaurant covers a big part of the piazza. From a marketing point of view an excellent approach because the newcomers always see a full restaurant which seems to be a good recommendation. Enjoy typical Italian food and a very friendly service. I personally like most the “polipi in forno” (full size squids in a tomato sauce). Take the house wine, which is good. Meat fans also find a good dish though not comparable with a good American steak.
Address: Amalfi, Piazza dei Doci (this is a few steps from the main piazza in front of the Duomo towards west).
Open all year only closed for a few weeks in January. Closed on Wednesday. Tel. 089/871285.

Trattoria Pizzeria da Meme: This restaurant is in the old part of Amalfi, which gives you the impression as if you are in an Arabian kasbah and it is in one of the very narrow alleyways. You find it when you walk the main street into Amalfi up the valley, you pass the piazza del duomo and then after about 150 m (200 yards) there is a sign post which leads you to the left up the hill. Tel. 089/8304549.

Da Gemma: Very good food - but pricey and a nice view from the terrace down to the only street in Amalfi.
Tel. 089/871345 
RESTAURANTS IN ATRANI (close to Amalfi):

Osteria da Luisella: Atrani is definitely a place very worth while visiting, nothing spectacular but a beautiful, genuine old town built into a valley that leads up to the area between Scala and Ravello. It is a hidden gem on the Amalfi coast. It seems that tourism did not discover it yet. May be because there is no Duomo one can visit like in Amalfi, no shopping capabilities like in Positano, but still it has a very special charm. We like the small Piazza Umberto in the center very much. There is a restaurant the Osteria da Luisella. You can sit outside, with view to the piazza or inside. Outside it is quite loud, as in the evening scooters and motorbikes pass by - some with considerable noise. But you feel you are in Italy and the food is o.k. but not great. Tel. 089 871087.


Da Bacco: It’s about 10 km (6 miles) to drive from the villa, but worth the effort. You drive east in the direction of Amalfi, then before Amalfi take the road to Agerola. The roads winds up with many curves to Furore. There you find Da Bacco on the right side of the road. It offers great view down to the sea, excellent food, with many local specialties, wine from the own vineyard and moderate prices. In all gastronomically guides, I have seen, its very much recommended. The best quality/price relationship of all restaurants we know at the coast. Try for instance a local specialty: totani e patate (Cuttlefish and potatoes). They also have a good selection of typical local cheese produced in nearby Agerola. Open all year. Tel. 089 830360.
Amalfi coast ristorante Santa Croce


La Tagliata in Montepertuso high above Positano: Excellent food (mainly meat) and a wonderful view down to Positano.
If you feel that you have eaten enough fish or prefer anyway meat than this place is an excellent choice, but they also serve fish from the grill. Simplicity, good quality of the food and friendly service are the successful ingredients for this very popular restaurant. The menu is quite short: different meat - including a "big boy" giant bistecca Fiorentina very well comparable to the best American steak - or sausages or both of them mixed as a main dish. You can watch the meet/fish grilled on a big grill in the room. You should also try the appetizer (antipasti della casa). If you are not that hungry better share the plate between two persons because you get a rich plate with ham, salami, mozzarella and mixed pickles.
Its famous and very popular, therefore reservation is recommended during the season. Try to get a seat in the garden if its good weather or close to the window when its colder. You have a fantastic view down to Positano. Driving the very narrow road to Montepertuso and even more going back by night "encouraged" by some wine can be quite a challenge. Therefore we have a special arrangement for our clients: Call the restaurant and ask them to pick you up at the villa with a taxi and bring you back after lunch or dinner. You only pay one trip at a fixed price of 30 Euro. If you prefer to drive yourself go first to Positano, pass it and take the road to Montepertuso, then after the "center" of Montepertuso, when you almost think you have missed it, the restaurant is on the right side. Open all year. In the lower season closed on Thursday. Tel. 089 875872. Credit cards accepted.

Le tre sorelle: Located directly at the beach of Positano. It were three sisters (sorelle) who started this restaurant and gave the name to the restaurant. Closed on Wednesday, accept credit cards. Tel 089 811922. Open all year.

Trattoria San Corce: in Nocelle, a small hamlet high above Positano - after Montepertuso - at the end of the road. Then yuu have to walk 10 minutes. Excellent view down the coast. See tho photo above.
Good local food but no big choice. Try the mixed antipasti, with mozarella, salami...excellent. Ideal if combined with a walk of the sentiero degli Dei. You have a great view down to the coast and Positano. Tel.:089 8111260.

There are many good restaurants in Capri. Here I describe and recommend two which we like both for the good food, unique location and friendly service. Both are outside the busy center of Capri. One is on the way to the Arco naturale the other one at the seaside below the Villa Axel Munthe.
Le Grottelle: On the eastern side of the main piazza of Capri you follow a street first in the direction to the villa Jovi, then to the right to the Arco Naturale (an rock arch). Fast you leave the busy center of Capri and it gets quiet, you pass nice villas after 20 -30 minutes you before reaching the arch there is the ristorante Le Grottelle. Build into the rock, with a nice terrace, a beautiful view down to the sea - a very nice position. Its a family restaurant. The cooking is done by the mother - its outstanding -and service is excellent. I recommend that in the season you reserve a table. Tel 081 8375719
You can continue your walk to see the Arco Naturale, then go back and walk down (quite steep) the steps of the path which leads you first down, then above the coast back to Capri. A wonderful very scenic walk.
The other restaurant - a seaside restaurant - Bangni di Tiberio, which is described below. 

There are many restaurants along the coast, directly at the sea. Often the phone number is displayed on the restaurant, so you can call them and ask to send a boat. In most of the cases a boat is waiting already, or is coming, if you wave. They fix your boat at a bouye and they bring you to the restaurant. A small tip at your return for the "marinaio" is appropriate. All restaurants are closed from mid October to March.

Here are the restaurants we like most:
Da Adolfo, between Praiano and Positano,just below the hotel San Pietro. It is the restaurant side to side with the La Sirene, which we recommend for dinner. It is in a cove, where pirates used to build their boats. Nowadays it is a very popular restaurant for the chick people who come by boat from Positanto and the Italians from the beach. Try the local speciality totani e patate. A stew of local squids, potatoes and tomatoes. The restaurants looks very basic, but it has a very relaxed atmosphere and very good food. Tel. 089 875022. In summer reservation is recommended. Every half an hour a boat with the read fish leaves from Positano beach to the restaurant. You can also walk down to the restaurant from the hamlet Luisella just before reaching the hotel San Pietro.
Conca del Sogno, Nerano:
Arguable the best restaurant along the coast in a beautiful setting. Conca del Sogno means bay of the dreams. The panoramic position as well as the food and service lives up to the name. Franco one of the owners will welcome you in his pirate fashion look. He will tell you what they can offer. He does it so fast that it is difficult to follow even if he does it in English. So ask him to slow down and explain. We normally don’t arrive at the main course because we try different antipasti of the sea cold and warm, like small fish, small squids, totani e patate and so on. We try 6 or 7 different dishes and then with a bottle of white wine - we prefer the white wine called Kratos a Fiano from Paestum, Campagna. The quality and beauty has its price however. In summer reservation is recommended. Tel. 089 871384. You reach the restaurant by boat, going from Praiano to the west, you will pass Positano and then after some miles there are some small non inhabited islands close to the coast you find the restaurant in a bay.
Bagni Tiberio: When we rent a motor boat we drive along the beautiful Amalfi coast, then to Capri, we pass the harbor Marina Grande and then before reaching the Blue Grotto - after about 2 km - you see a restaurant with a public beach close by. Like the other restaurants they have a "valet" service for parking your boat.  Once at land you will be seated on a nice veranda built above the remains of a roman bath in which the Roman emperor Tiberius took his swim 2000 years ago. Right next to the restaurant you see the ruins of a small amphitheatre which was used for open air entertainment in Roman times. Let this magic place enchant you and enjoy excellent seafood at the same time. Reservation is recommended, ask for a table in the first row. Tel. 081 8377688.
If you are still fit after your meal, there is a challenging but beautiful hike to be recommended: Climbing up the 555 steps of the ancient "Phoenician" stairs to reach the famous "Villa San Michele", see the excursion.
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