VILLA LA MADONNINA: Our experience (nur in Englisch)

When we plan to visit a new place somewhere in the world we always try to find some comments from people who share their personal experience. Other than the normal guides this gives me a more personal touch of the destination. Of course it reflects the experience of the author who may have a different tast or made experiences, I did not have at my own visit. But always it helped me to become familiar with the new place a lot faster.
Therefore I thought it might also be helpful for you to shareour favorites – the result of many weeks of hard work like wining (sometimes too much) and dining, hiking etc. So if you try out my personal discoveries I hope you will enjoy them -  if not I am sorry for that and you can blame me. 

Another remark I need to make upfront. My original web sites was initially written - I hope at least- written in immaculate English because it has been "cleaned" by a native English speaker (actually American English, I apologize dear Brits, Aussies...). After many changes this is not completely true anymore. But as you will see this chapter is written in English with a strong Austrian flavor. I never saw written language from Arnold Schwarzenegger - also an Austrian from origin - but I assume many years ago his English was similar - at least the pronunciation was similar. But of course I would not dare to compare myself with Arnold - he is at least far stronger than me!

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Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina view to
Villa Madonnina -
Frank Lerchenmüller

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