LOCAL ARTISTS from the Amalfi coast (nur in Englisch)

Paolo Sandulli
Paolo is working in the Saracen tower, which you can see from Villa la Madonnina. It is worthwhile visiting him and watch him at his work, talk with him and if you like his works buy a painting or terracotta sculpture. He ships worldwide. 
Many of his terracotta cotta pieces show people or scenes he sees around him. So he made a series of heads portraying local fishermen many of them with characteristic, impressing faces. Unfortunately some of the fishermen did not like this, though non of them ever visited him to see their portrays. Two of them don't greet him anymore.
Paolo made also a series of heads of girls which serve as a pot for different plants. See one of them, which you find in the villa, in the photo gallery below. We also have several paintings and other small sculptures in the villa.
A nice collection of the girls with the plants on the head you find in the garden of the five star hotel Pallazzo Murat in Positano.

Contact information: Paolo Sandulli, Torre a Mare, 84010 Praiano, Tel. +39 08987 4149 or +39 3394 401008.
"Mao" made fine sculptures from ancient pieces of marble or from fragmens of dropstones. His nickname derives from his political position many years ago. He has an interesting history as an artist. In his life he had different occupations, like a merchant or antique dealer. In one of his jobs he was working as a bricklayer. His boss saw his talent working with stone and encouraged him to do an ornamental work. He himself found his new passion and many people liked and bought his works. Unfortunately he had a stroke some months ago and cannot work anymore. When he saw a piece of stone he let inspire himself by the shape and structure of the material to decide what piece is inside. He often chose topics connected with the history of Amalfi or magic figures when he combines for instance Poseidon (Nettuno) the god of the sea with fishes.
You find two of his works in the villa. Both are in the drawing room, one is shown in the first row of pictures below at the right. (Nettuno). If you buy a piece the shop can ship it to any location in the world.
You find his works for sale in a shop close to the arsenale in Amalfi, in a small road which starts at the piazza in front of Amalfi, before you enter Amalfi town.
Contact information: Francesco "Mao" Mangieri, Piazzale Cesareo Console 7, 84011 Amalfi, Tel. 089 871929

Paulo Sandulli

Amalfi coast artists Sandulli' sstudio
Paolo's studio
Amalfi coast artists Sandulli
Girl with plant
Amalfi coast artists Sandulli
Different works


Amalfi coast Mao sculpture
Amalfi coast Mao sculpture
Amalfi coast Mao sculpture
Amalfi coast Mao sculpture
King and Queen
Amalfi coast Mao sculpture
Netuno with his fishes
Fiction animal with heads
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